MV-22 Osprey Reaches Historical Milestone

On February 18, 2011, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar hosted a ceremony with all Osprey squadrons located at the base to mark a milestone in the history of the MV-22 – 100,000 hours of mishap free flight.

The MV-22 Osprey is currently replacing the 50+ year old CH-46 Sea Knight (aka “Frog”). The Osprey is as revolutionary as the helicopter was in the 1940’s.  With its tilt rotor design it is able to fly like a fixed wing aircraft, yet land like a helicopter. The Osprey is currently coming into the USMC inventory at the rate of 1-2 airframes a month.

The ceremony was attended by VIPs, from Boeing, the MV-22 manufacturer, USMC commanders, including Major General Tom Conant 3rd Marine Air Wing Commanding General, and personnel from the Osprey squadrons based at Miramar.