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Weapons and Tactics Instructor 2-13

WTI Instructor Staff Sergeant Burgett confers with WTI student Sergeant Nick Otey (manning a GAU-17) during the live fire shoot.

In April and May of 2013, Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron – One (MAWTS-1) hosted its bi-annual Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course (WTI) at Marine Corps Station Yuma. For 6-weeks, seasoned Marine Corps aircrews work at a wartime tempo in the deserts of Yuma, Arizona. During this … [Read More...]

Alex Ranftle – A B-17 Bombardier’s Story during WWII

Ranftle Pic 1 450

Second Lieutenant Alex Ranftle’s journey to the hostile skies over Europe wasn’t a quick trip. Surprisingly, it took Alex two and a half years from the time he enlisted before he flew his first combat mission on D-Day-June 6, 1944 in the nose of a B-17G Flying Fortress. Three days after the … [Read More...]

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